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True That! - Cleanse


True That  is an expression Canadians use to say that a statement someone made is valid or true. This is a Citrusy fragrance with hints of spice. 

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    Note: Consult your physician before using Aromatherapy products if you have underlying conditions and are taking medication. Not all aromatherapy products will work for eveyone. See my Blog benefits and risks of Aromatherapy for more information.

    Doing an essential oil detox can be a great way to clear the junk out of your system, but you should know that detoxing is a way of life, and definitely not a one-time thing. This is where an essential oil detox makes all the difference in the world

    Blend of: Roman chamomile, Clovebud & Lemongrass & Grapefruit.

    Daily Inhalation – Inhaling antioxidant-rich essential oils can help fight free radical toxicity at the cellular level! 

    Do not use while pregnant, Can cause sun sensitivity when used on skin. Do not use around young children. Peppermint can cause irritation to the mucous membrane.



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