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I'm In the mood! - Romance Blend 12oz

I'm In the mood! - Romance Blend 12oz


I'm in the mood is pretty self explanitory!! In the mood for Love!

                                  !Coconut massage candle to impove the Libio

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    Note: Consult your physician before using Aromatherapy products if you have underlying conditions and are taking medication. Not all aromatherapy products will work for eveyone. See my Blog benefits and risks of Aromatherapy for more information.

    Blended to improve Libido!

    Comes with a bag of chocolate harts, Hershey Hugs & Kisses. A mini faux flower arragement with heart sucker.  Made in resuable Wine Glasses.

    Blend For Her: Jasmine, Clary Sage, Lavander, and Cedarwood.

    Blend for Him: Sweet Orange, Clove Bud, Black Pepper, Ginger and Cedarwood.

    Do not use while pregnant, Can cause skin sensitivity for some people. Do not use around young children. 


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