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Benefits and Safe use of Aromatherapy

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Aromatherapy is using the aroma of essential oils(natural products extracted from different plant parts) for health benefit. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries,as a part of holistic healing treatments that promote health and well-being. Before modern medicine came about holistic medicine was all that was used. It promotes both physical and emotional health through natural remedies. Aromatherapy is a complementary therapy. It does not provide a cure for diseases or illnesses, but it can support conventional treatment of various conditions. Always consult your doctor to see if Aromatherapy may be a beneficial complementary treatment for your particular medical situation.

Ingesting, or swallowing, essential oils is not recommended. Taken by mouth, the oils can damage the liver or kidneys. Only certain essential oils can be taken internally and at a specific dilution rate. They can also lead to interactions with other drugs, and they can undergo unexpected changes while in the gut. If you are pregnant or breast feeding or have infant children consult your doctor before trying aromatherapy as there are some essential oils that should not be used while pregnant or breastfeeding, and some that should not be used near infants. Essential oils are powerful, highly concentrated oils.

Since essential oils cause reactions in the body, not all the oils will benefit everyone.

Everybody is unique and some treatments will work for some but may not for others.

Chemical compounds in essential oils can sometimes produce adverse effects when combined with medications. They may reduce the effectiveness of conventional drugs, or they may exacerbate health conditions in the individual when used incorrectly.

If you are a pet owner, consult a Aromatherapist before using essential oils as some essential oils should not be used around small pets and never undiluted topically.

A trained professional can recommend and teach how to use each product, giving proper instructions on application or dilution. Like medications, essential oils must be treated with respect. It is important to seek professional advice and to follow instructions carefully.

Aromatherapy can lift your mood, and help alleviate symptoms of various ailments. Some studies indicate that there's a benefit to using essential oils while others show no improvement in symptoms.

Each essential oil has an array of unique healing properties, uses, and effects. Combining essential oils to create a blend that creates even more benefits is a science. The sheer number of combinations of essential oils is mind boggling.

Aromatherapist's will design a blend that treats all underlying symptoms as well as the main ailment. Say if you suffer from headaches, they will develop a mixture that helps with stress, relaxation as well as relief from headaches, they treat the whole not just the symptom.

If you have a hangover - In addition to drinking plenty of water to re-hydrate and eating snacks high in potassium to help restore electrolytes. Aromatherapist will design a blend that treats, headache, nausea, and might throw in something to give a boost of energy.

There is a long list of ailments that aromatherapy can be beneficial for. Aromatherapy applications include massage, topical applications, and inhalation. A range of essential oils have been found to have various degrees of antimicrobial activity and are believed to have antiviral, anti-fungal, insecticidal, and antioxidant properties. An aromatherapist can guide you on the best method of application, from topical or inhalation, for the best treatment.

Aromatherapy helps improve your overall health not just one symptom. It is a natural therapy that provides benefits for total well being.

You can now make an informed decision on using Aromatherapy an all the benefits if can provide, Can you really disregard ancient use of aromatherapy treatments?

This is not medical advice always check with your physician for your specific medical conditions.

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